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Hi everyone! 

Today I'm taking part in and amazing blog hop with Maria Willis of Cardbomb to celebrate the launch of this month's Stamp Club, Patterns and Prints! 

Tonic Studios are having a HUGE Birthday Week celebration with sales, competitions and giveaways. You can see the entire event below.

Welcome to Stamp Club Patterns and Prints!

Stamps: 15 total stamps in a mixed media style that is perfect for creating beautifully textured backgrounds and projects.

Dies: 14 total dies Includes bold word dies that be rearranged to create new sentiments. Use in combination with the bold word dies from Backgrounds & Borders to increase your sentiment options! Includes four sentiment dies in a fun cursive font that have both the text and shadow dies. Includes two large stand-alone dies that can be used to create backgrounds, accent pieces or used as stencils to add texture to your projects.

What is Stamp Club?

  • Monthly Stamp release to be launched on the last Friday of every month (holidays permitting).
  • Not a subscription based program.
  • Patterns and Prints stamp and die set will only be sold as a bundle.
  • Limited stock available.
  • Retail value £39.99 / $39.99 so you receive a £/$5 savings.
  • Exclusive to Tonic Studios. 
  • Inspired by Maria Willis.
  • Tonic dies are amazing and come pre-cut/separated with no burs.
  • Stamps and dies come in high quality plastic envelopes with a tab for labelling and binder holes on the side and are compatible with all Tonic Studios A5 binders. 

Giveaway #1
ONE lucky winner will win a £50/$50 Gift Card for Tonic Studios AND The Patterns and Prints bundle! To enter comment on every blog in the hop by 11:59pm PST on August 4, 2021/ 7:59am GST on August 5, 2021. Winner will be announced on August 6th, 2021 on IG and FB so make sure you're following all of the Tonic Studios social media accounts!
Every purchase of the Patterns & Prints Bundle will also receive a free gift from Tonic Studios automatically included in their purchase.
Wow, this set is so much fun and I'm sharing three projects with you today.
Card 1: wonderful, amazing best friend A2
    1. Spray Peacock Feathers and Twisted Citron onto an A4 piece of watercolor card and allow to dry. You will get 4 panels from this but for now cut one panel 3" x 4 1/4".
    2. Stamp the cursive script, the grid and small hexagon onto your panel with black shadow ink. Top Tip - Allow to completely dry before heat embossing or else you'll cover your whole card with embossing powder.
    3. Gold heat emboss some of the circle stains in the corners.
    4. Die cut the grid and any card and use as a stencil with White Chalk Mousse (it's amazing!)
    5. Add black and white acrylic ink splatter.
    6. Die cut the grid three times in white card and once in welsh gold glitter card. adhere together for a chipboard effect. Trim and apply onto your panel.
    7. Die cut wonderful, amazing, best, and friend in black and white, apply foam pads and stick to the front of your panel.
    8. Trim a piece of jet black card 3 1/4" x 4 1/2"
    9. Assemble onto an A2 card blank add champagne shine sequins.
Card 2: Hello A6
  1. Trim a piece of your already sprayed panel to just fit the HELLO die panel.
  2. Stamp the cursive script, and the grid onto your panel with black shadow ink.
  3. Gold heat emboss some of the circle stains in the corners and zigzag.
  4. Use the same grid from card 1 to use as a stencil again with White Chalk Mousse.
  5. Die cut the grid twice in welsh gold and place behind a piece of black card.
  6. Mat and layer onto white and gold until you have an US A6 size card.
Card 3: You Are Lit mini slimline
  1. Trim a watercolor panel 6 inches by 3.5 inches (this will be further trimmed)
  2. Stamp the cursive script, and the grid onto your panel with black shadow ink.
  3. Die cut 2 grids from any card and stencil the white chalk mousse onto your panel in several places.
  4. Smooth your Tumbled Glass Distress Oxide onto a non stick surface and spray with a little water. Press your panel into the ink/water mixture with a light patting motion until you are happy with the look.
  5. Add more distress oxide to a non stick surface and then mix a small amount of White Chalk Mousse into the color. This is freakin amazing as you have the chalk finish of the mousse and matte oxide finish - AWESOME! Because you're mixing the color from the ink pad and not a liquid, there is no change to the consistency of the mousse.
  6. Use the other grid to stencil the tumbled glass chalk mousse onto your panel (do not throw this away).
  7. Trim panel 5" x 2"
  8. Splatter white and gold acrylic ink over your panel and allow to completely dry.
  9. Die cut 2 welsh gold grids and 4 watercolor grids but save the small squares from the glitter card.
  10. Die cut the letters that spell out YOU ARE LIT 8 times. 6 regular white card, 1 harvest gold mirror card, 1 watercolor card. Layer up all 6 white letters and then add your watercolor letters on top. Create a drop shadow with the gold letter and set aside.
  11. Work out your die cut grid pattern and then use your grid from steps 6 and 8 to create your design. Add the glitter squares back in to some of the grid.
  12. Attach your letters to the front of your panel and allow to dry.
  13. Trim teal card 5 1/4" x 2 1/4"
  14. Assemble onto a slimline card base 6" x 3 1/2" and add champagne shine sequins.
These next two cards are from the same panel we sprayed. I have enough left for at least 2 more A2 cards but probably much more.
 If you'd like to know more about the Amazing new Chalk Mousse there is an introductory video here. I'm so excited about this new mousse as I took the idea to tonic nearly 3 years ago and we're finally launching this week!
Thank you for visiting me today, it's been such a pleasure to work with this Stamp Club and I'm grateful to my friend Maria who asked me to join this hop with amazing people. Speaking of amazing people....

Shopping List
Orange Tonic UK / Blue Tonic USA
Some links I use are affiliated. This means I make a small commission when you purchase through them. This doesn't affect the cost for you but the compensation I receive makes up for all the work I do on my blog, YouTube and social media platforms. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your support, it means the world to me! Thank you. All my love, Jen 


  1. these are both absolutely fabulous

  2. Love these great background textures to add interest to my cards. Love your designs.

    1. Eve you're so sweet, thank you! I had a great time adding all the layers and textures to my cards this month.

  3. Love these cards there fabulous!!

  4. Great cards! Love the dies in this set!

  5. Guess I am too old - when I am thinking You Are Lit is NOT something I would send a friend on a card... LOL. Enjoyed your cards.

    1. Hi Kathy and thank you so much for leaving me a comment. As I'm from Southern California I still say things like you're awesome or you're rad or you're lit - it is a term of endearment for me to my friends. I guess that's what makes this set so versatile, you can make things that are meaningful to you with all the letters available.

  6. Absolutely wonderful, Jen! The colors you have chosen put a huge smile on my face and I love all of that texture!

  7. Your cards are beautiful. I love that you chose to go with a very non traditional sentiment on the one card.

  8. Jen. I love the slimline card. (Im jen too ) hehe

  9. Very pretty combinations of colour, texture and words. I love the font of the script especially. PLEASE ask tonic to do more words in that font! You've used my favourite colour combos! Clever girl! 😘

  10. I really like the look of all of your cards!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow these are all so them!!

  12. Marisela Delgado said: Such beautiful cards! So pretty!

  13. Love your cards. They are just fabulous. Thanks.

  14. Beautiful colors and textures! Great Stamp Club bundle!

  15. One of the best hops I have been on in a while. FULL of great cards with beautiful colors and textures. TFS

  16. Your color choices are beautiful! Your cards are beautiful!

  17. Hi Jen :) Your You Are Lit card is gorgeous!!! Lov'em all! Thanks for inspiring me :)

  18. Oh my I just love the colors of the "You are it". This pattern and prints kit is fabulous. I always admire the mixed media look and hope I can make something this pretty. I love that the grid can be do many techniques. Awesome awesome! The chalk mouse sounds b,eau.ti.ful!!


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