Valentine Topiary, NUVO Style

Hello there and TGIF! I can't remember ever having a busier start to the year before and as a result haven't been able to craft much. 
I found a 'bag of junk' in one of my cupboards which housed an old plastic flower pot and some dowels. Having recently acquired a range of NUVO Products I set out to make a home decor project with the main focus being my old tatty flower pot. Today we're going to make a topiary! 
1. Wash and clean flower pot; put 2 coats of gesso on (inside and out).
2. In a small dish, mix together Pink Flame and Peony Pink Embellishment Mousse until the right colour is achieved. 
3. Spray water in the dish with the Mousse until you're left with a thick paste. 
4. Add Rose Quartz Sparkle Dust to your paste and mix well. 
5. Add paste mixture to your flower pot. I used a pallet knife and applied the paste for a textured effect. 
6. Set aside to dry. 
7. wash and clean your rocks, lay out flat on your craft mat. 
8. Mix your Royal Aubergine Mousse with water in a spray bottle and spray the rocks. 
9. Dry with heat gun and repeat spray as many times as needed to achieve desired colour.
Check out the sparkle dust / Embellishment Mousse mix once dry! 

10. Die cut your flowers with the CWC Paper strips. I used 3-4 layers for each flower. 
11. With your spray bottle (for the rocks) gently spray the flowers for some added sheen and let dry naturally. 
12. lay out some white Candi and then add your Carnation Crystal Drops to each one. Let dry naturally. 
13. Tie a bow with some white ribbon and set aside. 
14. Die cut your sentiment and butterfly
15. Paint your bamboo dowel
Once everything is completely dry it's time to assemble. 
16. Take your painted dowel and use hot glue to secure it to the middle of the flower pot. 
17. Add your rocks carefully and then attach your foam sphere to the dowel with hot glue. Leave to dry for a minute or two. 
18. Lay some craft moss over your rocks with a very small amount of hot glue. 
19. Attach all your flowers to the foam sphere with hot glue. 
20. Attach your Candi bases with Crystal Drops to the centre of each flower with hot glue. 
21. Attach your bow to the dowel with hot glue. 
22. Attack your sentiment and butterfly with hot glue. 
Viola! You have a lovely Flower Topiary which was dead easy to construct.
Since it's so close to Valentine's Day, I thought the sentiment particularly fitting but it could also be used for birthdays, get well alternatives to cards, Mother's Day, New Home gifts etc.. In fact, you could tweak it for just about any occasion. 

Back in my kitchen, this is now where it lives. In my head it looked a lot different, but still feel like it turned out well. What do you think?
Tonic Products Used: 
Tonic Studios 3-Piece Partner Sentiment Die Set

Other Materials: 
9cm Foam Ball 
stones (from my garden, scrubbed and cleaned)
Bamboo Dowel Rod
Green Paint 
Craft Moss
Craftwork Cards Limited Edition Strips 
Craftwork Cards Candi
Hot Glue Glue/Gun
Big Shot Die Cutting Machine 
Plastic Flower Pot (I had lying around)
White Ribbon

I hope you've enjoyed my post today and often wonder what projects other people make for their homes with craft materials. I'm looking at all kinds of surfaces to cover now! 
Until next time...

Lots of love from Jennifer xx 


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