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Hi friends, I'm catching up after having covid, and let me tell you, it wasn't fun! I can't shake some of the symptoms, but i'm feeling human again, and that's a start.
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Tonic Studios have been celebrating their 22nd Birthday, and it's been a WHOPPER of a week. There are so many projects I have to share with you, and I promise I'll blog them as quickly as I can, with what energy I can afford to spare.
Generally, I'm a cardmaker, but today I'm sharing a mini-album, and I had a blast creating this. I can't tell you how it took, but it was a good few days. Getting stuck into a project like this was a labour of love, but also inspired my creativity.

It would take like 100 photos to show you everything that I've added to this album, all the page layouts, pockets, and compartments, but hopefully, I will give you some beautiful inspiration to look, nonetheless.
As well as making the mini album, I also made a bespoke box for it to fit into. I'm sure I have my measurements somewhere, so as soon as I find them, I'll update my post.
Because the album was so heavy, I added ribbon around it to make it easier to lift out of the box.
This book is substantial, and the die set creates FIVE different size books, which I'll list at the end of this post.
Here you can really start to see just how large this book is. There is a waterfall feature included in the die set, which is a perfect addition!
In addition to making waterfall features, you can use the dies as part of your album design. I've added magnets to this little book, which lifts up. 
The trick is to only glue half the sentiment down (with), so you can open these flaps easily.
Using patterned paper really pulls the whole project together. I've used the Tonic Studios Mariposa 12x12 paper pack and it's AMAZING!
As well as having the dies to create the spine, front, back and cover for your albums, you can also use the dies to create pockets, tags, and flip books.
Everything about this set is perfection, and I love it! 
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Thank you all so much for stopping my, I appreciate all my crafty friends! See you very soon with a shedload of other projects. 
Lots of love, 


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